What?!! I hear you ask, why would anyone want to do such a terrible thing? Let me start by explaining that I love frogs, I even built a sanctuary for them at the bottom of our garden! I don’t condone boiling frogs, so please don’t try this! To be clear, this is not something I have done or would contemplate doing.

Is it even possible?

For starters, frogs are sensitive to changes in temperature, so it shouldn’t be possible. However, scientist, Heinzmann in his 1872 experiment concluded if you increase the heat of the water gradually enough, poor Kermit doesn’t notice until it’s too late.

Why are you telling me how to boil a frog?

That’s a good question, after all, what’s boiling frogs got to do with hypnotherapy? Firstly, I wanted to be sure I had your attention (you are still reading, right?) and secondly because it’s an excellent example to help me explain the point of my post.

What would you say if I was to tell you that millions of people are boiling themselves alive [metaphorically] with stress and anxiety? And, just like our ill-fated frog, the gradual rise in pressure (heat) is so creeping that, they don’t realise until it takes control and impacts their life.

Here at Help Hypnotherapy, the most common conditions I help people in with, are stress and anxiety-related. While some people recognise this, many do not. Symptomatically, it’s clear when people are experiencing stress and anxiety, yet they simply don’t realise it. People explain to me, “I don’t suffer from stress, I just want to stop biting my nails,” or “I drink too much,” “eat too much,” “can’t sleep,” “have headaches,” “anger issues,” etc. obvious signs of stress. Amazingly, some clients have been so unaware of their extreme stress levels until it manifested itself physically when they were rushed to hospital with a suspected heart attack. I call this stealth anxiety.

Stress and anxiety is harmful to our mental and physical health, so it’s important to recognise it and its effects.

How can I spot the warning signs?

From reading this, hopefully, you can begin to understand, while many signs of stress are quite obvious, others are less so.

Some of the physical signs of stress and anxiety include poor sleep, frequent need to use the loo, stomach ache, sudden weight gain or loss, breathlessness, headaches, palpitations, sweats, tiredness and fatigue.

The effects on mental our health can include, panic attacks, lack of concentration, anger, feeling uneasy, depression and low mood.

It’s not too late, act now!

Being positive is a natural defence against stress, anxiety and depression. Unsurprisingly, if we think in a positive way, are active in a positive way, and interact in a positive way (the 3 P’s) we create patterns in our brains that are proven to help enormously.

Hypnotherapy for Anxiety

Stress and anxiety are common issues I treat with clinical, solution focused hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy for anxiety can be a fast and powerful treatment for anyone experiencing stress or anxiety. Please use the contact form in the main menu to find out more about how clinical hypnosis can help you.

On a positive note, here’s a happy ending!

In 2002, Victor H. Hutchison, a zoologist reveals, that more recent experiments show, as the water is heated, the frog tries to escape, and eventually jumps out. So this tells us that when stress is appropriate it’s good for us, it’s there for good reason, our self-preservation. It’s there to protect us from danger and to keep us safe, after all, it’s what made the frog decide to jump out of the hot water. So, stress/anxiety when appropriate is essential for our self-preservation and only a problem if and when it becomes out of control.

If you are experiencing stress, anxiety, depression or related symptoms, the good news is, hypnotherapy can help you. Hypnotherapy is highly effective and works relatively fast with anxiety and stress. I can explain what’s happening in your mind, why you feel the way you do and more importantly, how we can beat it.

Let's get you back to being your best you


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