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I’m a Liverpool Hypnotherapist, helping people in Liverpool, Merseyside and the Northwest from my practice in Aigburth. Hypnotherapy is a safe and highly effective form of talking therapy. It combines other therapies including psychotherapy, NLP and CBT with hypnosis. The effectiveness of this modern and highly specialised approach to hypnotherapy is supported with substantial scientific evidence from many years of neurological research.

Here at Help Hypnotherapy in Liverpool, we use the latest ‘solution focused’ hypnosis techniques which are proven to be both highly effective and work quickly.







Liverpool Hypnotherapy Treatments Available

The list of things clinical hypnosis is effective with is virtually endless. Below is a list of the more common areas where hypnotherapy is known to work well. If you are looking for Help with something else, please use the contact form.

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Weight Management

Successful weight loss and weight management using the power of hypnosis are diet-free and drug-free. Weight control using solution focused hypnotherapy is supported up by substantial evidence from years of neuroscientific research.


Stop Smoking

Its a fact, there are no benefits to smoking. It’s bad for our health, expensive, responsible for countless accidental and sometimes fatal fires. It even makes our clothes and breath smell too.



The importance of sleep to our physical and mental wellbeing can not be overstated. If you're experiencing poor sleep quality, you need to act now and hypnosis can help.



A phobia is an overwhelming and irrational fear. It can stop us doing things and enjoying life to the full. The good news is, most phobias can be cured in just four sessions of hypnotherapy.



Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) can quickly spiral out of control. What may start as a minor inconvenience can soon become debilitating.



Depression and low mood can affect people quite unexpectedly. Clinical hypnosis combined with psychotherapy can be a very successful, drug-free treatment for depression.


Confidence Building

Low self-confidence can hold us back and stop us enjoying all kinds of life experiences. Hypnosis is very effective at building confidence, public speaking, preparing for exams and interviews.


Anxiety and Stress

Anxiety is a natural response when we are in danger or under threat; it’s entirely necessary. Unfortunately, when it gets out of control, it can cause all kinds of problems in our lives. Hypnotherapy can help you take back control.

Hypnotherapy at the Liverpool practice

Hypnotherapy sessions usually take place in my Liverpool practice. Zoom appointments are also available and are equally as effective as face to face treatments. Zoom is a convenient way to deliver highly effective hypnotherapy from my Liverpool Hypnosis Clinic to people all over the UK and the rest of the world.


Hypnotherapy in Merseyside by Rob Sanderson

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Liverpool Hypnotherapist, Rob Sanderson

Rob Sanderson AfSFH (Association for Solution Focused Hypnotherapy) student member, studying with CPHT Liverpool for my NCH Diploma (National Council for Hypnotherapy).

Using solution-focused hypnotherapy, I’m able to help people achieve goals, treat anxiety, depression and associated conditions. I’ve always had a strong desire to help people, so becoming a hypnotherapist in my hometown of Liverpool is the realisation of a lifelong passion.

Initial consultations are free and do not include hypnosis. Further appointments include hypnosis and cost £40 for a 50-minute therapy session. All appointments will be in my Liverpool treatment room or worldwide using Zoom.

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    What else can hypnotherapy Help with?

    Hypnotherapy is an incredibly simple yet highly effective way to Help people make the changes necessary to improve their lives. Here at Help Hypnotherapy, Liverpool we practice Solution Focused Hypnotherapy. This very positive style of hypnosis can help people with mental-ill health, including things like learning to cope with stress, anxiety and depression. It can also be used for treating all types of OCD. It can also be highly effective with anything that is heightened by nerves and stress, such as tinnitus, nervous rashes and IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome).

    Phobias respond incredibly well to hypnosis, taking just four sessions to rewrite the phobic response.

    Its effectiveness at helping people to stop smoking and beating other addictions is also very well documented.

    Once you appreciate that stress, anxiety, our thinking patterns and thoughts, affect and exacerbate the symptoms. Then it’s easy to understand that clinical hypnosis can play a huge role in alleviating the symptom.

    Psychotherapy combined with hypnotherapy can also Help people manage grief, PTSD and chronic pain.

    Hypnosis for physical pain and medical conditions?

    This therapy works with the mind and our thought patterns, so whilst it can’t cure physical illness like cancer, neurological disorders, fibromyalgia or tinnitus etc. Hypnotherapy can and does have a profound effect on the lives of people experiencing these and other conditions. How? Many illnesses and conditions can cause stress, anxiety and depression, the very things that can make the condition worse. It’s a vicious cycle, the more stress, anxiety and depression people have, the worse their symptoms become, creating yet more stress, anxiety and depression, and on it goes. Hypnotherapy help’s people to cope better with their conditions, it can even help with physical pain, reducing anxiety, stress, anger and depression.

    Public speaking and confidence-building?

    Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can also help with many other things from preparing for an interview or giving a speech, to improving sports performance and achieving goals. Our self-belief (I can’t do that) can hold us back. Our thought patterns have incredible power; Henry Ford recognised this when he famously said: “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right”. If you want to smash your limiting thoughts, then hypnotherapy can certainly help.

    You don’t have to visit my Liverpool clinic, here in Aigburth. During the current COVID 19 pandemic, all treatment is given according to government distancing guidelines safely from your own home. Hypnotherapy is just as effective using Zoom or even over the phone.

    How does Hypnotherapy work?

    Our minds are incredibly powerful, and the ability to unlock and utilise that power is much easier than you may think. This website contains lots of useful information, to help you understand how hypnotherapy can be of great benefit to you. I’m also available to answer any questions you may have about how I can help you.

    Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is a talking therapy that has a different approach from most traditional therapies. Where most therapies are introspective, spending a lot of time understanding the problem and what caused it. Here at Help Hypnotherapy in Liverpool we concentrate on the solution – not the problem. Why is this difference so significant? It’s important because you attract what you ‘focus’ your attention and efforts on. So it makes absolute sense to focus on the solution and answers rather than the problem.

    Once you understand the concept of being ‘solution focused’, it’s effortless to make those changes needed. The result is, you will make better decisions by working towards your future and not dwelling on problems and behaviours of the past.

    When you think about it, it makes more sense to look at where you are going, not where you’ve been. If you were driving from Liverpool to a different city, would you be looking out for signs for Liverpool? Or, would be focusing on your destination, because that’s where you want to be. It’s exactly the same in life; we need to focus on where we want to be.

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      AfSFH – Association for Solution Focused Hypnotherapists

      I’m a practising Hypnotherapist working in Liverpool and the Mersey area. Currently, a student member of the AfSFH, I have less than five months before I complete my degree and become NCH accredited. I’ve lived here in Liverpool for 15 years with my wife Louise, so I have a real understanding of the culture and the wonderful people here.


      NCH – National Council for Hypnotherapists

      The NCH, is the UK’s leading not-for-profit hypnotherapy Professional Association, promoting and protecting the practice of hypnotherapy in the UK.


      MHFA – Mental Health First Aid

      MHFA Mental health awareness is very close to my heart, I did the course with Liverpool training company Growth and Change. I’m a qualified ‘mental health first aider’ and proud of my certificate. I have trained in Liverpool to recognise and understand mental health. I completed this training before studying for my diploma in Psychotherapy and Clinical Hypnosis. It was a great starting point for understanding how the mind works and what can go wrong. It taught me how to recognise people with mental ill-health and point them towards finding the right Help. Ultimately, it was the beginning of my journey. I wanted to go further than pointing people towards Help, I wanted to Help. I wanted to make a difference, and now I can.

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