Would you like to know the best-kept secret about diets and dieting? They don’t work! I can explain why they don’t work and more importantly, how to lose weight.

What? “Of course they do”, I can hear people springing to the defence of diets already. These same people go on to explain, “I lost two stone, on ‘this or that‘ diet”, swiftly followed by, “I need to do it again.”

Most diets will achieve weight loss but according to the NHS review of top ten diets, most have more cons than pros. Dieting is only a temporary solution, and most people soon put the weight back on. Because diets only deal with the weight problem and ignore the reason people are overweight. Once you understand the real problem, weight loss becomes straightforward and diets irrelevant.

Why are people really overweight?

So why are people really overweight? The real problem resides in our mind because nature gave us two conflicting parts. We have the intelligent and logical part, and we have the primitive and emotional part, also known as the ice cream and cake eating, part… this emotional part doesn’t understand what a diet is. When we start restricting calories, it believes food is scarce so becomes stressed. It goes into overdrive, releasing chemicals in the brain that tell our bodies to prepare for famine. These stress hormones cause us to crave the food groups that will create and store fat.

How to lose weight, and keep it off

For permanent weight loss and weight control, we need to return control of food management to the sensible and logical part of the brain. If we don’t, we will forever be in this cycle of weight loss, followed by weight gain.

The good news is… using modern, clinical hypnosis methods, I can help you take control. It’s an evidence-based approach to weight management and support with years of neuroscientific research.

How does clinical hypnosis work with weight loss?

Hypnosis for weight management works by creating the perfect environment for both parts of the mind to unite and focus on the same thing. This gives us direct access to communicate with the subconscious, and that’s incredibly powerful. It’s also incredibly easy to do.

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