Sleep Management

Why do we sleep? That’s a great question and one I’ve spent years researching. It’s a vast subject that could quickly fill an entire website, not just a single page. Sleep, just like food, is an essential ingredient for life, and not getting enough of it is harmful to both our physical and mental health.

“Sleep is vastly more important to our physical and mental wellbeing than modern society realises”

Are you one of the 30% with sleep problems?

Approximately 30% of people experience sleep disruption, and about 10% have symptoms of insomnia. Insufficient sleep will affect more people than any disease or virus, affecting mental and physical health. Lack of sleep weakens our immune system, and it shortens our life expectancy.

“It’s a shocking fact that people driving whilst sleep deprived are responsible for more accidents and deaths on UK roads than drivers under the influence of drugs or alcohol combined – tiredness kills!”

How to sleep

There are practical changes we can make in our lives to improve our chances of sleep, ask for my FREE sleep guide.

Hypnotherapy for marvellous sleep

To get to the bottom of getting better quality and quantity of sleep we need to address the cause of the problem. The sleep problem is not a physical issue, so the solution needs to address the real issue that’s keeping us awake – our mind, or more to the point our thoughts! Solution focused hypnotherapy, gets to the heart of the sleep problem. Hypnotherapy can help people by calming the mind, freeing us from those intrusive thought patterns responsible for either keeping us from sleep or waking us up during the night.

“Once we free ourselves from sleep-disrupting thought patterns, we can reap the full physical and mental health benefits of a naturally and sound sleep”

Do you want to start Sleeping Better? Ask me how

Contact me you’d like more information about how hypnosis for sleep can help you or to arrange an appointment. Hypnosis with Rob Sanderson HPD DSFH can be performed either face to face here in South Liverpool or online using zoom.

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