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Helping people who are experiencing anxiety and stress is very close to my heart. My journey to becoming a hypnotherapist started with wanting to help a close family member when they began to suffer from stress, anxiety and depression. From my personal experience, I know the impact that living with stress and anxiety disorder brings.

Let’s take a look at what causes panic attacks, stress and anxiety, and how we can beat it

Why do we experience stress and anxiety?

Stress and anxiety is our natural response to danger and at the heart of our fight or flight system. It should be there to protect us from danger and crisis, so what’s going wrong? And what can be done to change it?

We experience unwanted anxiety or stress because the way we think is triggering our fight or flight system. It goes on to release stress hormones in the body and mind, putting us on red alert, literally preparing us for danger. We call this response system the limbic system; it’s the original, primitive and emotional part of the brain; it doesn’t understand or interpret modern times, it needs help.

If our limbic system thinks we are in some kind of danger, it jumps in to try and save us. It sends signals through the brain, releasing cortisol and other stress hormones which causes the physical symptoms of stress, anxiety and sometimes panic attacks. An increased heart rate, anger and breathing faster are all just ways our limbic system uses to increase our strength ready defend ourselves.

Perfect if we were being chased by a pack of wild animals but not so great for running our day to day lives

The health benefits of beating anxiety

The health benefits of beating anxiety are many, better sleep, a stronger immune system and improved mental health are just three important examples. When we are experiencing stress and anxiety, our bodies prepare for immediate danger at the expense of everything else. Our immune system gets neglected, and we even find it difficult to sleep – if we are on red alert, it’s no time for sleeping.

How does hypnotherapy help with anxiety?

We create anxiety with our thoughts, and we can stop it the same way. Hypnotherapy can help people take back control of their lives. Clinical hypnosis creates the perfect environment needed to communicate directly with the subconscious, helping people take control of their anxiety, becoming calmer, healthier and happier.

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