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Alcohol Problems

Alcohol Dependancy, Alcoholism, and Binge Drinking

It’s said that alcohol is a good servant but a bad master. When alcohol becomes a problem, clinical hypnotherapy can help people to take control of their drinking habit, tackling the causes and triggers.

It’s time to take control, hypnotherapy can help

What starts as being a bit of harmless fun with friends can spiral out of control. When alcohol becomes a habit or addiction, it stops being fun. If cutting down or stopping seems difficult or even impossible, hypnotherapy can help change that. Solution focused hypnotherapy (SFH) is a form of talking therapy combined with hypnosis. Hypnotherapy helps people to change their thought patterns, to alcohol, their relationship with it and how they think about alcohol. Studies have shown hypnosis, combined with talking therapy, is more effective than talking therapy alone for treating addictions and substance abuse.

Hypnotherapy helps people to understand the whole problem surrounding their alcohol use. We will discover the causes and triggers of the problem and how to make the necessary changes to them. Understanding the underlying causes of alcohol misuse and substance dependency is key to finding the way to beat it.


Ready to start?

The long term dangers of continued or long term alcohol misuse are many and well documented. Hypnotherapy also helps by treating the adverse effects alcohol has on relationships, work, attention levels, sleep, confidence, low mood and depression, anxiety or stress levels. The good news is we can help get you to take control of your alcohol habit and back to your best.

Hypnotherapy is a positive and relaxing talking therapy –
friendly and informal, professional and confidential


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Hypnosis for alcohol dependancy or substance misuse/dependancy can be performed online using zoom or face to face in my Liverpool practice. Contact me to learn how I can help or to make an appointment.

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