October each year is STOPTOBER, it’s the perfect month to stop smoking because many other people will be quitting too, so there is lots of support out there. Here at Help Hypnotherapy, we celebrate STOPTOBER by helping as many people quit smoking as we can.

Many people who’ve tried to stop smoking, and failed many times over the years, finally succeed with hypnotherapy. To help explain how and why hypnosis works, I’ve included some of the most important facts and information. What many people find fascinating is stopping smoking using hypnosis takes just 2 hours here in my Liverpool practice. Hypnotherapy for stopping smoking is also just as effective using zoom video calls, so I can help you stub out your last fag wherever you live.

Nearly 15% of the population smoke, that’s a whopping 5.9 million smokers and 2.9 million vaper’s, 60% of which want to quit. Just 6.4% manage to stop completely, which is 377,600.

Be one of the 377,600 people who quit every year!

So, with 1,034 people quitting smoking for good every day we know it’s not only highly achievable but also can be relatively straight forward. So many successful quitters, its great news for anyone looking to give up smoking.

Whilst the benefits of stopping are very well known, there are no known benefits of smoking. The absolute fact is, that if used as intended, cigarettes will severely damage your health, they will quite literally kill you. The health risks are an undisputed fact, and even the manufacturers agree, displaying warnings clearly on their packaging. Yet despite having such compelling reasons not to smoke, an astonishing amount of people continue to do it. Why?!

Why do some people find it easy to quit smoking?

Don’t you just hate them, why do they find it so easy when so many others fail, time and time, again. I’m sure it will come as no surprise to learn that smoking is a mental addiction? Our mindset, how we think about smoking is the deciding factor between success and failure. If you think this sounds too simplistic, well the truth is, it really is that simple and this is how hypnotherapy can help.

Over the years we’ve been brainwashed into believing many lies and myths about smoking, ‘I’m addicted to nicotine,’ or ‘smoking calms my nerves’, etc. Sound familiar?

Let’s tackle these. Is nicotine addictive? Yes, but its nothing like as addictive as tobacco companies and pharmaceutical companies who make patches and withdrawal products want you to believe.

Busting the myth’s – are you ready for it…?

…Just 10% of the smoking habit is down to nicotine, that’s right, the other 90% is psychological. So if 90% of this terrible habit is in the mind, a mental addiction if you like, then hypnosis can certainly help you take back control. The big companies know the power of mental addiction, so it’s in their interest to feed this myth.

As for smoking calming nerves or reducing stress? Frankly, it’s utter nonsense! When we smoke, we have a physiological reaction to the chemicals. Let’s take just two of our many responses to cigarettes, an increase in heart rate and an increase blood pressure; these are the same reactions we get when we are in danger, and trigger our fight or flight survival instincts. It takes 20 minutes after smoking, for our heart rate and blood pressure to recover and return to normal. I’m quite happy to bust all the myths around smoking, drop me a line to know more.

It’s never too late to quit smoking, reap the rewards!

Whilst hypnotherapy can take care of the mental addiction to smoking, our bodies are incredible and get to work repairing the damage caused by smoking very quickly.

In just 20 minutes, our heart rate and blood pressure return to normal, the temperature of our hands and feet return to normal. After eight hours, our oxygen levels in the blood increase to normal and the carbon monoxide in our blood drops to normal. In 24 hours, our chances of a heart attack have already decreased. Twenty-four hours after that, your lungs will start to clear out mucus, your nerve endings will start to regrow and your senses of taste and smell will improve.

All this in just two days! And the good news for quitters gets even better and better as the weeks, months and decades roll on. Better physical and mental health. A longer life expectancy. Eventually, sharing most the same health benefits of those who’ve never smoked.

But it’s not October!

No problem! There’s no need to wait till STOPTOBER, because any day of any month is an excellent time to stop smoking. There is never a wrong time to quit smoking, so every single day is the right time to stop smoking, so do it today, I can help!

Take a look at my dedicated stopping smoking page.

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Further reading on the nhs website. Photo by Robert Ruggiero on Unsplash